10 years of Bismobil Kitchen and over 4000 happy families

The best team in making the kitchen of your dreams! I was satisfied with their quality and service! They are professionals and know how to work with the client!

I recommend with the greatest confidence! Well done Bismobil!

Sergiu Niculița


Every detail like light, functionality, open spaces, airy drawers, matters to me.

Thank you Bismobil Kitchen for making my dream come true!


Valeria, food blogger


Very happy with the furniture! Exactly as in the project presented in the showroom. I said what I wanted and how much I wanted, I was pleasantly surprised that the furniture turned out exactly how I wanted and we still came in for less than I said. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you. Great people! Thanks a lot!

Emőke Bota


I didn't even notice when 10 years had passed since Bismobil Kitchen, it was like feeling for a moment the taste of coffee in the morning.


You say you have time to drink it in peace, but it's time to leave the house immediately.


It was 10 years that you taught us how to create the perfect kitchen furniture...for You!


We tested materials, mechanisms, color combinations, and everything for you to have the best kitchen furniture experience.


We offer you a 5-year guarantee - so you can rest assured that no matter how many coffees you spill or how many doors you slam, our kitchens change your mood and don't give you emotions that they break.


You've taught us that when it comes to your home, you don't settle for anything, and that's why we've brought our designers closer to you, who have become your closest friends and created projects just like that as you wished


Now it's our turn to be by your side so that you can enjoy our most complex cuisines.


From now on, you will no longer postpone your vacation plans because you will be able to pay for the much-dreamed-of kitchen with the George card from BCR in 10 equal installments with 0% interest.



And what better occasion to give you a gift than not

even on our birthday?


October is definitely your month! Because you have the opportunity to win 10 valuable prizes in the organized festive raffle.

After everything you have taught us in these 10 years, we want to declare the month of October, the month of new beginnings.


Compete with the excitement you feel in January when after a summer of trips and vacations, you decide you deserve a new kitchen so you can feel just as sophisticated at home.


So, at Bismobil Kitchen, you are the one who chooses how much money you want to keep, so that you have enough for the "new house" party.


And depending on the installation date, you benefit from advantageous discounts!


1. If you plan to have a new kitchen, ready to be installed in 4 months, you get a 10% discount on the price of your kitchen.


2. If you are in the renovation period and need a kitchen in 6 months, you can already contract the kitchen furniture to benefit from a 15% discount on the price.


3. If you have not yet started the renovations and you have decided that the term for which you want to install the kitchen is at least 12 months, then you can even benefit from a 20% discount on the price.

*Discount applies to contracts with full payment.



We know that it seems like a lot to you to get your kitchen 1 year in advance, but you have taught us over time that this way you can enjoy advantages that we can only guarantee in this way:


● You get exactly the discount you want.

● Once you have contracted the kitchen, you are exempt from inflation over the year, and you will not have to pay additional costs - so you can put money aside for your development.

● You make your kitchen furniture according to your personality to meet all your expectations, and look WOW!


And to put the icing on the cake that it's our birthday, we offer you a 40% discount for the kitchens in the showroom.


You came, you liked it, you took it home!


Only in the month of October we give you a boost to fulfill your dreams, just like when you make a wish and blow on the cake!

You can choose a kitchen from one of the 14 Bismobil Kitchen showrooms in Romania and we take care of the rest.


● A modern kitchen, created by our designers no more than 18 months ago.

● A showroom kitchen — fully equipped with modern storage systems, mechanisms and accessories.

● Delivery included in the price.

● Installation at our expense.

● A discount of up to 40% on a premium product.



Yes! Because we whttps://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/default.aspxant to share our birthday present with you and reward you for the loyalty you have shown all these 10 years.


Proud that we can boast! We are in over 4,000 kitchens in the Republic of Moldova where we started, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and people continue to recommend us.


That's because we want to be as close to you as possible!

Schedule an appointment with your Personal Designer and get a GIFT 3D project now!

Enter the link below to see how easy it is to have the kitchen of your dreams!

www.bismobilkitchen.ro or call 📞0742 121 174


Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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Choose the discount that suits you

Discounts up to 40% for your dream kitchen!

Choose a modern kitchen from the showroom with a 40% discount

Discount in the Bismobil Kitchen showroom!

3 price offers for a kitchen to your liking!

3 price offers for your bespoke kitchen

Anniversary prize raffle

10 years of Bismobil Kitchen

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Anniversary prize raffle

10 years of Bismobil Kitchen

3 price offers for a kitchen to your liking!

3 price offers for your bespoke kitchen

Choose a modern kitchen from the showroom with a 40% discount

Discount in the Bismobil Kitchen showroom!

Choose the discount that suits you

Discounts up to 40% for your dream kitchen!

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