Elegance, refinement, mystery. Mysterious cuisine teleports you into the world of the unknown to be discovered. The glossy appearance of the kitchen with glass fronts always remains current even after years. Mystery? Surely.

Used colors

Kitchen dimensions:

  • L 4,000 mm
  • A 600 mm
  • H 2 440 mm

Showcase dimensions:

  • L 500 mm
  • A 400 mm
  • H 2 674 mm


  • Lacobel Toned Glass, Gray
  • Lacobel Glass, Classic Black


  • Compact SM’art Black


  • Hettich Intermat
  • Hettich Sensys 90

Opening mechanisms:



  • STARAX rubber mat
  • Cutlery holder Orgatrey Hettich Atira
  • Tandem Side


  • Neutral built-in LED
  • Dragos LED sensor

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