Choose the discount that suits you

Discounts up to 40% for your dream kitchen! Choose the discount that suits you!


The thought of a new kitchen has been tempting you for some time, and you keep putting off realizing your dream?


And since September is a month of beginnings, we thought we'd help you implement your kitchen remodeling plan.


A custom kitchen, created to order, in a production workshop, with a design specially developed for your family, is an investment for the next 15 years.


In fact, we thought we'd help you make a very profitable investment!




Discounts of your choice!



Between September 14 and 30, you can benefit from a discount plan you choose yourself!

10%, 15%, or even 20% discount for your Bismobil Kitchen brand kitchen furniture!


Choose the discount according to the date of installation of your kitchen!


  1. Are you planning to have a new kitchen ready in 4 months? Benefit from a 10% discount on the price of your kitchen.


  1. Are you in the renovation period and need a kitchen in 6 months? Contract today and benefit from a 15% discount on the price.


  1. Have you not yet started the renovations, and the installation period of a new kitchen is at least 12 months? Contract a kitchen until the end of September and benefit from a 20% discount on the price.



       *Discount applies to contracts with full payment.


 Contract a Bismobil Kitchen until the end of September and get:


  • The discount you want.
  • A fixed price, exempt from increases for a year before.
  • A custom kitchen that will exceed your expectations, installed on time.


40% discount on showroom kitchens



Are you pressed for time and need a kitchen as soon as possible?


We also come here to welcome you. We put our showroom kitchens on sale at a discount of at least 40%.


Choose a kitchen from one of the 14 Bismobil Kitchen showrooms in Romania and we offer you: 


  • A modern kitchen created no more than 18 months ago.
  • A showroom kitchen - is fully equipped with modern storage systems, mechanisms, and accessories.
  • Delivery included in the price.
  • Installation included in the price.
  • A discount of at least 40% for a premium product.


Benefit from the Bismobil Kitchen offer until September 30, inclusive! Come to one of the 14 Bismobil Kitchen Romania showrooms!



Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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Choose the discount that suits you

Discounts up to 40% for your dream kitchen!

You are happy, or we will return your money!

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